First blog birthday – and a big move to a self-hosted blog (RIP freshlyvegan)!

Time to mark my blog’s first birthday – see what’s ahead! Lots to come this new year… but changes too so read so you won’t miss out!


This blog of mine was born a month after I went vegan… never really planned anything to happen with it. Today, it’s time to mark my blog’s first birthday!

I have learned smuch about blogging in the past 12 months – I started with a free WP account & theme first, then upgraded to a premium version. In the end, I realised this blog is not capable of doing all I want it to do so. So, dear readers, Freshlyvegan blog is going to slowly disappear. For months I left it as it was, now I’ve deleted all the old posts. Please follow me over to my new self-hosted blog at vegancruiser.co.uk (the third reincarnation of my travel blog) and you will find all my old material there.


If you follow me via WordPress .com and would like to stay updated, please use the ‘Subscribe with e-mail ‘ facility on the new blog.  That way you get an e-mail notification of any new posts and won’t miss anything. WordPress will no longer notify you or add posts to your reading list. And in a month or so, this stump of a blog will be gone, for good.

See you on the other side and keep cruising. And #GoVegan 🙂